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Truck Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Truck Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

truck accident lawyer Indianapolis, INIf your vehicle was hit by a truck and you or your passengers suffered significant injuries as a result, know that the trucking company might not cooperate with you. This is especially true when it comes to paying you a fair settlement and within a reasonable period of time. A truck accident lawyer from Ward & Ward Law Firm has seen this time and time again.

Thankfully, many victims find a solution when they turn to an attorney from our law firm. Our skilled legal team understands the nuances of motor vehicle laws, as well as the complexities of federal and state statutes that dictate safe driving practices for commercial truckers. We are proud of our success rate when advocating for victims of truck accidents. Contact us with information about your truck accident and resulting injury. If we represent you, we may be able to obtain the maximum possible amount of compensation on your behalf.

As often as not, commercial trucking companies have deep pockets and a team of high-cost attorneys on retainer. The same is true of their insurance company. Neither will likely hesitate to deny your accident claim or offer a low settlement amount for your injury. Though their offer will not be nearly enough to cover your medical costs and other injury damages, you might be tempted to accept it because it’s better than nothing.

Call us first and request a free case review with a truck accident lawyer from our legal team in Indianapolis, IN. You will not be under any obligation to retain legal counsel from our firm during or after the consultation. If our attorney believes we can be of assistance to you, we can offer to represent you. If nothing else, you will have more information about your situation that can help you make informed decisions about your future.

After You Accept a Personal Injury Settlement

When you agree to a personal injury settlement with a trucking company and their insurance carrier, you agree to not pursue the matter further. Specifically, you cannot take them to court in a civil lawsuit. In addition, once you accept that settlement, if you need additional and unanticipated medical treatment, you cannot seek additional monetary compensation from the trucking company or their insurance carrier.

As experienced legal representatives, we understand that injuries from a truck accident can be far-reaching in their impact. For this reason, and when applicable, we include future medical treatment in settlement negotiations that we conduct with the at-fault parties. We have developed a network of medical professionals and other experts upon whom we rely to provide us substantiated information to include in our compensation claims. We document this using current industry data and cost-based analysis. As an example, if a client suffered a severe back injury in a truck accident, we might call on a respected back surgeon to provide testimony about future surgeries the victim is likely to need in the future. From there we break down the costs of those anticipated surgeries and related treatment.

If you were to accept a personal injury award settlement without first consulting a truck accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, you will probably not have the aforementioned data to include in your claim. As a result, the amount of compensation you are offered will likely be significantly less than what we may negotiate for you as your legal representative.

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