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Truck Accident Attorneys Indianapolis, IN

Pursuing Compensation After Indiana Trucking Accidents

A skilled Truck Accident Attorney in Marion County works hard for you

If you drive in Indiana, you know that you must often share the road with large semi-trucks. Being involved in an accident with one of these trucks is extremely dangerous, as their sheer size can cause a great deal of property damage and serious injury or death. There might be a number of individuals or organizations at fault for a trucking accident in Indianapolis. An experienced attorney at Ward & Ward can investigate the accident and determine the cause. We can help you take action against negligent or reckless parties.

Dangers of truck accidents with small and large trucks

Trucking accidents are especially frightening due to the size and momentum of the vehicles, which can cause them to lose control and create significant damage. Though many people think of large commercial trucks when it comes to these accidents, smaller lightweight trucks can also be deadly. Of the 188,841 collisions occurring in 2012, 46 percent involved a light truck and 6 percent involved a larger truck. The following are common causes of truck accidents in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas:
  • Fatigued drivers. There are strict laws related to how many hours a truck driver can stay on the road before resting. Drivers who fail to adhere to these laws risk the safety of all motorists and passengers.
  • Equipment failure. Trucks contain complex equipment, and tire blowouts and other malfunctions can cause them to lose control. This may be due to product defects or the trucking company’s failure to properly maintain the vehicle.
  • Poor road conditions. Weather hazards or poorly designed roads may cause a large truck to lose control or overturn. Although sometimes the government agency in charge of road upkeep may be held liable, drivers also need to account for changing conditions.
  • Inadequate driver training. Some trucking companies allow drivers to hit the road before properly training them. It takes a professional driver to manage a large truck and protect others on the road.

Truck accidents involving semi tractor trailers and commercial vehicles

Indiana law requires that commercial motor vehicles have a certain amount of insurance coverage based on the weight and material being transported. This required coverage can range from $300,000 to $5 million. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you establish liability.

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