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Product Liability Lawyers Indianapolis, IN

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Holding negligent miners, manufacturers and distributors responsible for dangerous and defective products

Too often, manufacturers offer poorly designed or flawed products that have the potential to harm consumers, even if the products are being used as intended. These companies are responsible for providing warning labels on potentially dangerous products and for issuing a recall if a defect becomes known after the product has been released. If you or a loved one sustained a personal injury due to a defective product, speak with the Indianapolis product liability attorneys at Ward & Ward right away. We have represented injured people in our community since 1954, offering unmatched guidance and personal attention to each individual who seeks our counsel.

What are the different types of product liability claims?

When a dangerous product has injured you or a loved one in Indiana, your potential lawsuit may fall into one of three primary categories, which include the following:
  • Defectively manufactured items. The majority of product liability claims involve any type of default during the manufacturing process that resulted in a dangerous product. For example, a children’s toy may be cracked or a bicycle may have come without adequate brake pads.
  • Defectively designed items. Due to an inherent flaw in the design of the product, a consumer using the item as it is intended has a high risk of injury. The design flaw itself must be the primary reason for your accident.
  • Failure to warn or recall. A company that realizes it has distributed an unsafe product to the public has a responsibility to issue a warning or recall. Vehicle manufacturers often issue recalls if a car part has a tendency to malfunction, for example. However, to avoid the expense of a recall, some manufacturers fail to warn the public.
In some cases, a product liability claim may be related to breach of warranty, whereby the user suffers an injury despite having used the product per the manufacturer’s directions. These directions often appear in owner’s manuals, especially with equipment or appliances. However, even if the directions do not explicitly state that a product is to be used in a particular way, you still may claim that the manufacturer breached an implied warranty, meaning that a reasonable person would have used the product in the way you did. Our personal injury attorneys can provide you with further guidance on this issue.

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