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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, INMotorcycle Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN Trusts

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you might be suffering from a very significant personal injury and need help from a motorcycle accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN at Ward & Ward Law Firm. Motorcycle accidents are particularly dangerous and may result in anything from scrapes and bruises and broken bones, to permanent disability and even death.

In addition to these bodily injuries, you may have suffered some emotional or psychological injury related to the trauma of the accident. Your motorcycle likely also sustained damage and may have had to be repaired or replaced. Your injuries may have caused you to miss time from work, resulting in lost paychecks. On top of all of that, you may be worried about being able to afford the medical treatment and therapy necessary to ensure that you make a full recovery.

If this sounds like you, or someone you love, consider contacting Ward & Ward Law Firm today. We understand that you are in pain, that you are stressed, and that you need the full amount of compensation that you deserve in order to pay your bills and get on with your life. You can reach us anytime by email or during business hours by phone. With over 87 years of combined experience representing plaintiffs just like you in motorcycle accident cases, our attorneys have the professional experience you need to get a fair and efficient resolution to your claim.

Learn about What are some common myths about motorcycle accidents?

Consider giving the motorcycle attorneys at Ward & Ward Law Firm a call to set up your initial, free consultation. This consultation is not binding and is just a chance for you to describe the circumstances of your accident and your resulting injuries to a member of our team. After learning more about you and your claim, we can let you know how we may be able to help, but you are not obligated to accept our services. Make your risk-free call today; it might be the best call that you make all year.

Occurrence of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are common. Thousands of Americans are injured or killed while riding their motorcycle every year. One of the most common causes of accidents is when a car or truck fails to appropriately yield the right of way to a motorcyclist. The motorcycle accident attorneys at Ward & Ward Law Firm know well the traffic laws regarding motorcyclists and right away that apply to accidents in Indianapolis, IN. We also know local insurance representatives, defense attorneys, and court rules and procedures. Our experience and knowledge gives us the professional competence that your claim deserves.

Who Is Responsible for My Motorcycle Accident?

Every year, almost 90,000 riders are injured in motorcycle crashes. At Ward & Ward Law Firm, we have extensive legal experience representing victims of motorcycle accidents. Every member of our firm knows that each accident is unique and has their own set of circumstances that can help or hamper victims in an accident lawsuit.

Each Indianapolis, IN motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm has extensive experience in handling these types of cases. One of the most devastating types of crashes that our firm has been successful in handling – but also one of the most devastating – is when there is a crash between a motorcycle and a tractor-trailer or other type of commercial truck. These vehicles are massive and do extensive damage to victims who are in passenger vehicles, but for a victim who is on a motorcycle, there is almost no chance of surviving the crash because of the horrific injuries they sustain. For those victims who do survive, their injuries are so catastrophic they are often left permanently disabled, with long-term medical issues.

Another common – and perilous – type of crash for motorcyclists is the rear-end crash. This is because when a vehicle hits a motorcycle from behind, the impact can cause the rear wheel of the bike to kick up. This movement often causes anyone on the bike to fly forward and land on the pavement. Even more frightening is when the victim lands in the path of an oncoming vehicle.

A third common motorcycle crash scenario we see at Ward & Ward Law Firm is single-vehicle motorcycle accidents. Just because the motorcycle is the only vehicle that ends up in a situation where the rider or riders are injured, this does not always mean that there is not another responsible party. For example, a distracted driver may have forced a motorcyclist to drive off the road because the motorcyclist swerved to avoid being struck by the car. In this situation, although the car did not actually hit the motorcycle, their negligent driving caused the rider to crash.

Different Liable Parties

Just like there are different scenarios of motorcycle crashes that Ward & Ward Law Firm lawyers represent, there are also different types of parties who may be liable for the injuries the motorcyclist sustains. Your Indianapolis motorcycle accident lawyer will determine who is responsible for any losses your injuries have cost you after he or she fully investigates the crash and circumstances of your accident. These parties may be:

Motorcycles provide a much different mode of transportation than other vehicles. They are fun, less expensive on gas, and much smaller. However, they also present a much higher risk of fatalities in the event of a crash compared to other types of vehicle accidents. Even if a motorcycle rider wears helmets and safety gear, they are still extremely vulnerable to catastrophic injury and death because of the nonexistence protection the rider has between them and the vehicle that slams into them.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents

In most states, motorcycle accidents make up a small percent of accidents, but they usually make up a disproportionate percentage of fatalities. A motorcycle accident attorney discusses why motorcycle crashes are so different than other vehicle accidents. For more details and to find out how we can help you with your case, call Ward & Ward Law Firm.

Higher Injury and Fatality Rates

Because there is no barrier between the motorcycle and the vehicle, the motorcyclist is at much more at risk for suffering serious injury or death. Motorcycle gear can help protect from minor injuries, such as road rash if the rider falls, but there is nothing to protect the rider’s body when he or she comes into direct contact with a vehicle or if the rider is thrown onto the pavement because of the impact.

Blind Spots

Because of the smaller size of the motorcycle, other vehicle drivers may not see them if the motorcycle is in the vehicle’s blind spots. This can also be an issue with motorcycle drivers, as well, when one motorcycle is bigger than the other. All vehicles need to watch for blind spots.

Driver Behavior

Many people are under the misconception that motorcycle drivers are reckless and wild. Although there may be some drivers who behave this way, the truth is that the majority of motorcycle drivers practice higher safety driving behaviors than most other vehicle drivers because they are so keenly aware of how dangerous it can be if they are in a crash.

Love For The Road

The Indianapolis, IN motorcycle accident lawyers at Ward & Ward Law Firm know that there is a special bond between motorcycle and rider. We know how your love of the road and trust of other drivers can be broken in a second after an accident. We know what you have been through, we have helped motorcyclists just like you get back on the bike, and we are ready to advocate on your behalf for the fair compensation that you deserve. When you come to us to hire an Indiana motorcycle accident lawyer from Ward & Ward Law Firm, you’ll find someone who is compassionate, caring, experienced, and professional — so don’t hesitate to call us right now.

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