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Cell Phone Manufacturers Social and Personal Responsibility

Pressure is being put on cell phone manufacturers to include “lock-out” technology in their mobile devices to prevent drivers from accessing certain features while driving. Who bears the responsibility for car accident injuries and fatalities caused by distracted drivers? What are the options parents can employ to keep their children safe when driving?

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

According to statistics, incidents of motorcycle accidents have been on the rise since 2006. Cycling accidents may cause serious injury or death and are often the result of one of the following circumstances: Car operator turns in front of the bike If the operator of a motorized vehicle fails to accurately judge a cyclist’s speed

Ward & Ward Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys Receive Award from

The attorneys at Ward & Ward Law Firm have been recognized by as 2016 Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Indianapolis. connects people in every U.S. city with qualified experts from their own communities. The Seattle based corporation researches every business in the city, then filters out the businesses and professional services that don’t

Are you paying too much for hospital care? | Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorneys This article defines the Hospital Charge Master—the mysterious menu of hospital prices for products and services. A link has been provided that allows you to compare prices for every participating Indiana hospital. The Charge Master Every hospital is responsible for setting their retail prices for the products and services they offer. Medical

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