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Some Similarities and Some Differences in Wrongful Death Claims Across States

Wrongful Death Lawyers Few events hurt as much as the death of a friend or loved one.  The grief is overpowering, especially when someone else’s mistake is the reason why. Statistically, accidental poisonings, including prescription drug overdoses, cause the most wrongful deaths in the United States.  Motor vehicle collisions are not far behind. Many times,

The Slip and Fall Injury And Personal Injury Claims

How You Can Avoid a Slip and Fall Injury You may love spending time in the homes of your beloved friends and family–you may feel totally safe. However, there is always the danger of a slip and fall accident. If you do suffer an injury and need to file a personal injury claim in order

Cell Phone Manufacturers Social and Personal Responsibility

Pressure is being put on cell phone manufacturers to include “lock-out” technology in their mobile devices to prevent drivers from accessing certain features while driving. Who bears the responsibility for car accident injuries and fatalities caused by distracted drivers? What are the options parents can employ to keep their children safe when driving?

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