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What is Comparative Fault?

A jury must assign a percentage of fault, if any, to each person involved in the accident If you are injured by another party, for example, in an auto, trucking, bicycle or motorcycle accident—even as a pedestrian or when acting as a Good Samaritan—under Indiana Code §§ 34-51-2-6; 34-51-2-7; 34-52-2-14, the judge is required to instruct

Whiplash Injury Causing Embolism Leads to Death

Hollywood and portrayal of the injured victim Most diagnosed whiplash injuries result from rear-end car collisions. Hollywood often portrays the whiplash victim as the neurotic personality or the gold-digging opportunist who is represented by the fast-talking, amoral courthouse lawyer. And we all laugh at Hollywood’s depiction—yes, even attorneys have a sense of humor about their

Parents May Receive Compensation for Child’s Death, Attorney Fees & Litigation Costs Under Indiana’s Adult Wrongful Death Statute

Indiana’s Adult Wrongful Death Statute and Patient’s Compensation Fund – Scope of Damages After the executor of a young woman’s estate settled a medical malpractice claim for the statutory limit, the executor  petitioned the Patient’s Compensation Fund for additional compensation in excess of the settlement amount for attorney fees, probate administration, loss of services (love and companionship)

Your Indiana Auto Policy is your Protection from Uninsured Drivers

Sixteen percent of Indiana drivers are uninsured We’ve all witnessed reckless motorists driving very nearly airborne down the road, anxiously weaving from lane to lane, and gunning their engines in disgust when they finally soar past you. Yes, today everybody’s in a hurry. And I bet you’ve thought, as I have, that most, if not

Uninsured Coverage is your Protection from an Accident Caused by Uninsured Driver

It makes sense to carefully choose your auto insurance policy You probably wouldn’t consider opening an account with a bank that was not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Banking insurance premiums finance this federal insurance program; indirectly you fund this insurance through your deposits, service charges and bank fees. Why would you protect

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