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auto accident lawyer Indianapolis, INAuto accidents happen every day in this country, but that does not make them any less serious. If you were severely injured as a result of the other driver’s actions, you may be eligible for substantial compensation. When found at-fault, that driver’s insurance company is obligated to pay for your accident damages.

However, at Ward & Ward Law Firm, our auto accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN has seen many instances of the insurance carrier denying a valid claim or else paying substantially less than the victim’s damages. In most cases, they get away with this because the victim is not aware of their legal rights. In this way, the person is victimized twice.

An auto accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN from our firm can help prevent this scenario from occurring. Call our office today to learn more during a free consultation with our auto accident lawyer.

Your Legal Right to Compensation

When someone acts negligently or carelessly and as a result, someone else is seriously injured, that person may be held responsible for compensating the victim for their damages. An auto accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN from our firm can review your case and determine which damages may qualify for compensation.

If you were injured because another driver was careless, there may be associated costs that you are not aware that can be included in your claim. For example, did you know that until you have your doctor’s approval to return to work that your missed wages can be considered part of your car accident damages? It’s important to understand what damages qualify under personal injury law. Your auto accident lawyer from our firm can help you with this and make all the difference as to the amount of compensation you collect.

A Personal Injury Claim

When someone hits your vehicle and you sustain a serious inury, you or your auto accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN will need to file a personal injury claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. To increase the likelihood of your claim being accepted and your damages fully reimbursed, you should include as much relevant detail as possible. For example:

Documentation of your damages is important. Otherwise, the insurance company is likely to deny your claim or else offer to compensate you for only a small percentage of your total amount of damages. At Ward & Ward Law Firm, our auto accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN has extensive experience filing personal injury claims and has a successful record of obtaining the maximum possible amount of compensation for clients.

Call the Auto Accident Lawyer Who Will Protect Your Best Interests

If you are the victim of an auto accident and you suffered one or more serious injuries as a result, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Request a free consultation with our skilled lawyer who can determine the value of your case. Call us today to schedule a case review with an experienced auto accident lawyer Indianapolis, IN victims count on when they want justice.

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