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How Does Indiana’s “Guest” Statute Affect You and Your Family?

The Indiana Guest Statute prohibits family members and hitchhikers from receiving compensation for injuries Indiana’s ‘Guest’ statute, Indiana Code 34-30-11 makes it clear that unless the owner, operator or person responsible for the operation of a motor vehicle is willfully or wantonly reckless in their driving conduct, a passenger family member may not hold their host-driver spouse, sibling, parent, step parent

Medical Negligence Tort Reform Leaves Catastrophically Injured Patients in the Cold

Tort reform legislation favors insurance companies In 1975, Indiana representatives steered our state toward personal injury tort reform legislation in a rush to cap monetary awards ordered by juries in claims of medical negligence. The majority of these first generation “tort reforms” focused on the legal system. The stated objectives of the legislation were two-fold: to keep

Indiana Tort Claims Against Governmental Entities and Their Employees

This article is Part I of a series. It addresses the principal of sovereign immunity and reform of English common law, specifically caps on tort claims against Indiana governmental entities and their employees. Part II will focus on tort reform in Indiana for medical malpractice claims. History of Sovereign Immunity Hoosiers have been privy to

The Truth Surrounding Stella Liebeck’s Personal Injury “Hot Coffee” Litigation and the Jury’s Punitive Damages Award | Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyers

McDonald’s hot coffee case spun by tort reform propagandists Propaganda is a tool used for the purpose of swaying opinion. Sound bites about the ‘hot coffee’ case against a fast food chain have been crafted to malign and ridicule personal injury attorneys and the American legal justice system for the purpose of achieving local and

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