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Sovereign Immunity and Tort Claims Against Indiana State Government

The Indiana Tort Claims Act If you reside in Indiana, chances are you’ve heard a lot of talk lately about the Indiana Tort Claims Fund. The debate revolves around the Indiana State Fair stage collapse, the number of victims killed or injured in the accident and the monies available to the victims and families of

Punitive Damages Awards in the State of Indiana

Punitive damage awards meant to halt bad behavior Punitive damages are monetary awards that extend beyond compensation for an individual’s economic and non-economic damages. A wrongful act performed with a sincere intention to deal fairly with others is an inadequate basis for such an award. Punitive damages awards are used as a tool of the

Accidents in Carmel Indiana Reduced by Re-Engineering Traffic Rotaries

Navigation of roundabouts Modern rotaries are called roundabouts but they differ from traffic rotaries or circles in several significant respects. Modern roundabouts are smaller in diameter resulting is slower speeds.  Signs and striped approaches map out navigational protocols and the mandatory yield to circulating traffic by entering vehicles has been statistically shown to reduce the

Criteria for Punitive Damages Awards

There must be willful, wanton or reckless conduct Punitive damages can be described as monetary compensation that goes beyond what is necessary to compensate the individual for plaintiff’s losses incurred as a result of the harm committed by the defendant. Punitive damages stand somewhere between criminal and civil law and are used as a punishment

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