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Estimating Plaintiff(s) Non-Economic Damages in Auto, Motorcycle and Trucking Accidents

In a previous article on evaluating economic damages, I stated that “economic” damages are past and future losses including, but not limited to medical, therapeutic and rehabilitation expenses, loss of earnings, construction, transportation and medical device expenditures for those with disabilities, property damages and interment expenses from wrongful death claims. They are money losses that can be

Evaluating Damages for Personal Injury Claims, Part II – Non-Economic Losses

Non-Verifiable Losses – Intangibles In a previous article, Evaluating Damages for Personal Injury Claims, Part I – Economic Losses, I explained that a personal injury attorney’s initial objective is to see that their client is fairly compensated for verifiable economic losses resulting from the negligence of another party. Economic losses include medical expenses, a loss of

Evaluating Damages for Personal Injury Claims, Part I: Economic Losses

Verifiable Economic Losses of Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims A personal injury lawyer brings a claim against a negligent driver, defendant, who caused an auto, motorcycle or trucking accident, on behalf of his client, plaintiff. The goals of the personal injury attorney are to make his or her client financially whole again, i.e. to recover plaintiff’s

Recovering for an Aggravated Personal Injury Due to Another’s Negligence

Financial Recovery for an Aggravated Personal Injury Individuals, who wish to recover for damages received from an auto accident, motorcycle accident, or trucking accident that aggravated a pre-existing condition or disability, are entitled to recover for only additional damages—not the original injury—providing evidence shows that aggravation actually occurred and that it occurred as a direct

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